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You’re Killin’ Me: Comments

June 30, 2012 · Posted in editorial, you're killin me · 15 Comments 

Doing what I do, I see more than enough stupid comments on the internet. Sometimes, I literally L-O-L, and sometimes I S-M-H, and sometimes it’s both. If someone isn’t cyber-bangin’, they’re probably talking gibberish. Last season I YKM’d Rap Trolls, and 1 year later, it’s same ol’ same ol’. Well, it’s kind of worse now because hate comments are actually directed at me. I guess I’m cool enough to be hated? Who knows. I usually love reading through comments, but sometimes I’d rather go watch some kids scream at an old lady. Lately, that video has been on replay. Find out why after the break. These type of comments on blogs, Twitter, and YouTube kill me.
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You’re Killin’ Me: June 9th, 2012

June 21, 2012 · Posted in editorial, you're killin me · 7 Comments 

I think the Mayans were off by a few months. The world should’ve ended right after the Pacquiao fight. June 9th, 2012 was a horrible day for society. First, the legendary Canibus pulled out a notepad during a battle with Dizaster. He pulled out a notepad and read his rhymes right off it. To top it off, his rhymes were super weak, and Dizaster ripped him apart. After that, Manny Pacquiao got robbed. There was absolutely no way Timothy Bradley won that fight. The Juan Manuel Marquez decision was debatable, but this one wasn’t even close. Pac-Man was in control throughout the fight. HBO’s Harold Lederman was even talking about a sweep by Manny! I have no doubt that this fight was fixed. June 9th, 2012 you’re killin’ me.

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You’re Killin’ Me: Hot 97

June 14, 2012 · Posted in editorial, you're killin me · 12 Comments 

What a mess. First Rosenberg criticizes Nicki on stage and Lil Wayne catches wind of it. Subsequently, Young Money cancels their Summer Jam appearances leaving Hot 97 hanging. Thankfully Nas came through. But like Hot 97 wasn’t already in enough trouble with Rosenberg’s comment, Funk MasterFlex also joined in and vowed to destroy Nicki Minaj’s career. A day later, Nicki called Flex and had him back peddling throughout the heated conversation. Since then, twitter and hip-hop blogs have been flooded with Summer Jam talk. Why did Nicki drop out? Why did Rosenberg say that? But my question is why Hot 97 didn’t resolve this issue and get Nicki on stage? True, the comment was ill-timed, and Nicki rightly felt like she was disrespected therefore she quit Summer Jam. Why didn’t this get taken care of behind the scenes? Hot 97 you’re killin’ me.

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You’re Killin’ Me: L.A. Taxpayers

June 7, 2012 · Posted in you're killin me · 15 Comments 

Los Angeles, I know you guys must be pissed about your grocery bag ban, the Lakers losing, and the Clippers getting stomped, but don’t shit on Lil’ Justin Combs. Look, the Kings are in the NHL championship game, and you can always buy fashionable purses for your groceries. Don’t go all April 29, 1992 just because Justin received a $54,000 merit-based scholarship to attend UCLA. Justin is his own person, and he isn’t worth $500 million. Sure he can sell his Maybach to pay for school, but that’s not your problem. He earned that money. Why should he give it back? You’re killin’ me.

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You’re Killin’ Me: Subliminal Disses

December 30, 2011 · Posted in beef, you're killin me · 25 Comments 

What was the worst thing about Hip-Hop in 2011? All of the lame subliminal disses. Without a doubt! For an industry of full of hard, mean, shoot your body up rappers we had a ton of lame subliminal diss tracks. Even Common jumped on the bandwagon towards the end of the year. If you’re going to diss someone, diss them! Say their name on the track. Jump in the ring, don’t dance around it. Hit ‘em with that bada boom boii. You’re killin’ me.

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You’re Killin’ Me: Canibus

December 23, 2011 · Posted in beef, you're killin me · 6 Comments 

Damn that wasn’t weird, right? One day I wake up to a J. Clone diss by Canibus. Next day I wake up to an awkward apology video by the same guy. It’s been a few days since, and I’m still scratching my head. ‘Bus how are you going to diss someone for liking you, and why would you diss someone only to apologize a day later. Do you ever think about what you’re doing? Also, please don’t script your apology videos. What was that? Uh uh, don’t answer. You’re killin’ me.

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