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Bill Maher Compares Mitt Romney To Rappers

January 25, 2012 · Posted in Videos · 1 Comment 

With presidential elections coming up, the political climate here in America is getting interesting once again. The Republicans are still trying to figure out who they’ll pick to face Obama. One of those people hoping to get the nomination is Mitt Romney aka one of the richest presidential candidates in history. Romney has been getting slammed over his wealth. But why you ask? Bill Maher tries to help us understand by comparing Mitt Romney to rich rappers. Jay-Z for president? Haaa.

Do you think the Hip-Hop community will support Obama like they did back in 2008?

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One Response to “Bill Maher Compares Mitt Romney To Rappers”

  1. d bags on January 25th, 2012 9:41 pm

    i get what he’s sayin, and i agree that romney is a greedy dude, but i can’t hear what maher is saying through his own millions that he has. maher’s net worth is 23 million dollars. Idc who you are, once you reach double digit millions, it doesn’t matter how much you make after that, you all make the same! how much has maher done with his money? virtually nothing. about as much as romney…. jay z has opened up fund raising, bill gates only keeps 1% of his income, 50 cent is doin his SK thing feeding the hungry. maher is that kid in class that made one funny joke, and now he thinks he’s hilarious ALL the time. maher is just as scummy and douchey as romney. idc who rappers back-up or support, but i’d rather have them support obama than romney. hopefully this time it won’t JUST be because he’s black like last election


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