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Beats By KillerHipHop Part II: And The Winner Is…

July 31, 2012 · Posted in freestyle, upcoming · 3 Comments 

With over 50+ entries, the KillerHipHop team and production duo of White Kidd have decided on the winner of our second Beats By KillerHipHop Freestyle contest. The White Kidd beat that was used as the tool to win the contest, was known to be a difficult instrumental for people to attack. However when it came to deliberation time, a freestyle by a Brooklyn MC named Freekstile was decided as the unanimous winner.

Congratulations to Freekstile.

Freekstile presented a style White Kidd and KillerHipHop was looking for as the winner of this contest and he delivered how he was suppose to. Take a listen to the winning entry below.

What you think of the winning freestyle?

He was also kind enough to make an exclusive video. Check it out with the lyrics after the jump.

I be dat nigga dat know how to spit it my niggas is wit it i swear dat dey wit it
I’m fuckin wit bitches dat fuck in the kitchen then move to the bed and switchin positions
switchin positions?
Yeeeahhhhhomie dey hatin on me kuz she know dat im different
I get in da kitten and bless it beat it turn it purple like it was chris’n
Get it chris’n? fuck, they didn’t
Why do niggaz never listen to lyrics I guess imma have to slow-it-dowwn
Uhhh lemmie go a couple more barssss
F1DG you know who we are I fly-kick-sweep yo shit up smoke nice sick weed I lift up
Gihhdat white kidd beat a nipp tuck
Man Im on dat drip drop
Pipe da fuck down watch me
That’s word to my dumb watch
My ex tryna clock me
Fuhh deeh hoes im focused
Yo lets roll up mo spliffs
Wordplay is gunplay
OK im reloaded
Wayne told me dat shit
AIDS you can catch it
Kuz we all some kids and dem hoes be so ratchet
I’m a cult classic
Never been a hipster been in love with the out crowd now in it I am mister
Say dat shit one mo time
80’s beat, fuhhyeahh its dope time
Flyin damn im spider-man
Glidin through yo borough doe
Bronx Harlem Queens Brooklyn right down the rabbit hole
Am I going crazy damn right
Am I goin off am i goin in am i goin ham
Got the pam and a little game little bit of steak to hot hot so nigga flame burn up all the pans
Guess I fucked the analogy up
I think im too smart for a rapper to function watch em pick some nigga spittin some dumb shit
Sleepin on me on some suckin yo thumb shit
Dreamin’, Dreamin’
Lookin like you two stuck
White girl, white girl
Fuhh wit me like klu klux
New flow
Yo dream aint worth 2 bucks
Sleepin, sleepin
Bet dat bass wake you up
Good mornin good mornin
Ferris Bueler
Al Pachino
Rainin it’s Stormin
Halie barry monster she wrote
I mean murder
You aint heard a-
Me-well-now-you-know nigga
See I got my flow bigger
Sippin on some strong liquor
No juice
Kuz Pac ain’t here and I saw da movie
My dude
Aint a thing wrong wit my crew we unique
And I am the misfit one
Hot like I tan in a different sun
Sick like seeing your sister cum
Always crack till the mission done

Many thanks to all those who entered the contest. We received many great entries and it was very difficult to judge. However it’s great to see lots of talent out there and we will be keeping a close eye out on many of you.

Producing-duo, White Kidd, will be releasing their debut mixtape soon. Be alert!


3 Responses to “Beats By KillerHipHop Part II: And The Winner Is…”

  1. jose on August 1st, 2012 12:22 am

    love it, dope


  2. MosDef on August 1st, 2012 5:59 am

    dope freestyle


  3. Luminous Story on August 1st, 2012 5:08 pm

    Still don’t like the beat. The guy was okay imo, better than the previous winner.


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