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Azealia Banks Responds To T.I.

March 11, 2012 · Posted in beef, news · 1 Comment 

The Iggy Azalea-Azealia Banks feud continues. A few days ago, Tip went on Dj Drama’s radio show and defended her young artist from Banks accusations. Saying that, “Strategically if [Azealia Banks] really cares about a freshmen cover maybe she could hope that she’ll suck enough to get shelved and then next year when the freshmen cover comes back around, maybe she’ll still be a freshman,” he said “Which brings me to my next philosophy. If you spend half of your day getting money and the other half of your day counting money, you ain’t got no time in your day to worry about nobody else.”

This after Banks called out Iggy and XXL for a racist “runway slave master” lyric on Iggy’s “D.R.U.G.S.” She said that having, “Iggy Azalea on the XXL freshmen list is all wrong. How can you endorse a white woman that called herself a ‘runway slave master’?”

T.I. responded to the XXL portion of Banks claim. Now Banks has responded to T.I. via her twitter.

Lol I NEVER needed the next nigga to sit up on a radio show with me and defend me. Furthermore, niggas r sitting up here trying to mask/defend what homegirl said. Fuck outta here. Everybody got something slick to say, but no one got an explanation. Come on T.I…. Niggas is not scared of u and whatever shit u got to say on some radio show. @tip you corny for that one. LMFAOO how u a grown man commenting on what’s going on between two girls. Come on son. Stop it. -@AzealiaBanks

Her rant continues after the break.

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This situation is really funny to me. It’s not like I said some foul out of the water shit about iggy azalea… I questioned her artistic integrity because of insensitive lyrics. Its not like I made bullshit some up and came at her head. In fact the issue wasn’t even really her. The issue was xxl. Why were the only three females nominated for that cover kreayshawn, v-nasty and iggy? Where was Rapsody, or nitty Scott, or Angel Haze? But y’all niggas don’t hear me tho. Lol I think what’s even more interesting about this, is how unable iggy is to explain herself. T.i can’t even explain for her. Those r my last comments about it. The Internet is making me look like a villain. -@AzealiaBanks


One Response to “Azealia Banks Responds To T.I.”

  1. Isaiah on March 11th, 2012 8:57 pm

    Azelia Banks is just mad cause Iggy has a similar name to hers -____-”
    Fat Joe said Nigga like there was no tomorrow but people didn’t get mad about it. She’s just trying to make a big situation out of nothing.


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