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You’re Killin’ Me: Features

November 6, 2012 · Posted in editorial, you're killin me · 16 Comments 

Features used to be cool. I used to get excited when I saw different rappers working together. Some of my favorite hip-hop tracks have had features. “Amerikaz Most Wanted” featuring Snoop, the countless Nate Dogg features, Game’s work with 50, and Jay’s collabos with Pharrell are all great features. Recently, features have gotten straight boring and repetitive. Not that authentic features don’t exist anymore, but most tracks nowadays are a bunch of verses glued to a beat. Then to get attention, rappers always feature a mix of what seems to be the same cast. French Montana, Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, and A$AP Rocky are currently hot feature commodities. Rappers need to switch it up. You’re killin’ me.

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You’re Killin’ Me: Gucci Mane

October 18, 2012 · Posted in editorial, you're killin me · 1 Comment 

Gucci, you’re killin’ me mane. Your thirst for drama and attention can’t be any more annoying. True, your beef with Jeezy goes way back and I’m sure you hate him, but why bring his name up right before dropping a tape? The way you constantly fill up blogs with unwarranted Jeezy disses is somewhat shameful. To make matters worse, and to get more attention, you chose to throw T.I. and Keyshia Cole’s name into the mix? Who’s next on your “people I need to name drop to get attention” list? Eminem? Like Tip would say, tweefin’ ain’t in the G code champ. Trap God, you’re a drama queen and you’re killin’ me.

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You’re Killin’ Me: Gunplay, Jeezy & Ross

October 3, 2012 · Posted in editorial, you're killin me · 18 Comments 

How convenient for me. Last week I spoke about hip-hop’s musical image, and this week, to my writing pleasure, Gunplay decided to get wild at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. But it didn’t stop there. Mr. Gunplay went on TMZ Live on Monday and talked about wanting to snap 50 Cent’s neck. Gun’ I know you want to kill 50, but guess who you’re already killin? Me. Damn homie, in High School, you must’ve been the man, homie! I guess this is the reason teachers tell students to stay away from drugs. Drugs are bad m’kay. Gunplay, you’re killin’ me. But hold up, Gunplay’s melee with 50’s crew was only 1 of 2 fights at the BET Awards. Let me catch up, Gunplay, Jeezy, Ross, you’re killin’ me.

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You’re Killin’ Me: Senator Malcolm A. Smith

August 29, 2012 · Posted in you're killin me · 4 Comments 

This past week really killed me. There was that creepy Nicki perfume bottle. I mean, that alone could kill me right? Literally. Then there was the Lupe Fiasco #BoycottSPIN campaign which all started when a writer on SPIN gave Lupe a bad review. This really blindsided me coming from a rapper like Lupe Fiasco. Maybe he’s taking the “activist” rapper role way too serious. It’s just the dude’s opinion. He didn’t like Lupe’s “B*tch Bad” music video. Period. There’s tons of other things Activist Lupe could focus on, yet he decides to distract us with his own selfish agenda. Lupe is gassed up on his own farts. But he’s not the only one. New York Senator Malcolm A. Smith actually out gassed Lupe. Senator Smith just thinks New York is so great, and maybe it is. Maybe its gun laws make it the greatest state in the Union, and maybe that’s just why Lil Wayne doesn’t like New York. Just because Weezy said that he didn’t like New York, doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like the people in it. It also doesn’t mean that he hates Jay-Z. Well maybe he hates Jay-Z, but he never said that in this interview. You’re killin’ me Senator Smith. Stop trying to use your political scare tactics on hip-hop.

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You’re Killin’ Me: 3 Kings

August 13, 2012 · Posted in editorial, you're killin me · 13 Comments 

I only like music videos if they don’t look like a cheap fan made video. If it helps, some fan made videos are actually pretty good, and this one is fairly crisp: good clips, nice editing. But making a video like this for a song featuring Dr. Dre and Jay-Z is extremely disappointing. Dre and Jay are busy dudes and getting them on a video set can be a task, but it’s possible. Ross is the boss right? Then again, the music video does match the song, they’re both lazy. Just because you got Dre and Jay on a song doesn’t make it a classic, and just because the video features classic clips doesn’t make the video a classic. Ross didn’t try on the song or the video. You’re killin’ me Ricky. This video is lazy, especially for a song titled “3 Kings” in which its participants mostly brag about their riches. The vid’ is cheap boss.

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You’re Killin’ Me: Hip-Hop Vegetarians

July 10, 2012 · Posted in editorial, you're killin me · 31 Comments 

Just like man was made to eat beef, hip-hop artists were meant to beef. I know I’m asking for trouble by taking on the vegetarian debate, but man was made to eat beef. Beef provides a complete source of protein, and it’s delicious. Too much beef can kill you though. Therefore, sometimes people choose to go vegetarian for both health and moral reasons, and that’s cool. But it’s not cool when rappers start to go green. Beef is entertaining but like real beef, or anything else for that matter, too much of it can kill you. Rappers are supposed to beef except that today’s rappers can’t do it in a healthy way. What happened to the healthy days of Kool Moe Dee versus Busy Bee Starski or BDP versus Juice Crew? You don’t have to die over beef. It’s all in the nature of competition. KRS is still alive. Busy Bee is still alive. Rappers shouldn’t be scared of beef! Now that’s that shit I don’t like. Yikes.

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You’re Killin’ Me: Comments

June 30, 2012 · Posted in editorial, you're killin me · 15 Comments 

Doing what I do, I see more than enough stupid comments on the internet. Sometimes, I literally L-O-L, and sometimes I S-M-H, and sometimes it’s both. If someone isn’t cyber-bangin’, they’re probably talking gibberish. Last season I YKM’d Rap Trolls, and 1 year later, it’s same ol’ same ol’. Well, it’s kind of worse now because hate comments are actually directed at me. I guess I’m cool enough to be hated? Who knows. I usually love reading through comments, but sometimes I’d rather go watch some kids scream at an old lady. Lately, that video has been on replay. Find out why after the break. These type of comments on blogs, Twitter, and YouTube kill me.
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You’re Killin’ Me: June 9th, 2012

June 21, 2012 · Posted in editorial, you're killin me · 7 Comments 

I think the Mayans were off by a few months. The world should’ve ended right after the Pacquiao fight. June 9th, 2012 was a horrible day for society. First, the legendary Canibus pulled out a notepad during a battle with Dizaster. He pulled out a notepad and read his rhymes right off it. To top it off, his rhymes were super weak, and Dizaster ripped him apart. After that, Manny Pacquiao got robbed. There was absolutely no way Timothy Bradley won that fight. The Juan Manuel Marquez decision was debatable, but this one wasn’t even close. Pac-Man was in control throughout the fight. HBO’s Harold Lederman was even talking about a sweep by Manny! I have no doubt that this fight was fixed. June 9th, 2012 you’re killin’ me.

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You’re Killin’ Me: Hot 97

June 14, 2012 · Posted in editorial, you're killin me · 12 Comments 

What a mess. First Rosenberg criticizes Nicki on stage and Lil Wayne catches wind of it. Subsequently, Young Money cancels their Summer Jam appearances leaving Hot 97 hanging. Thankfully Nas came through. But like Hot 97 wasn’t already in enough trouble with Rosenberg’s comment, Funk MasterFlex also joined in and vowed to destroy Nicki Minaj’s career. A day later, Nicki called Flex and had him back peddling throughout the heated conversation. Since then, twitter and hip-hop blogs have been flooded with Summer Jam talk. Why did Nicki drop out? Why did Rosenberg say that? But my question is why Hot 97 didn’t resolve this issue and get Nicki on stage? True, the comment was ill-timed, and Nicki rightly felt like she was disrespected therefore she quit Summer Jam. Why didn’t this get taken care of behind the scenes? Hot 97 you’re killin’ me.

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You’re Killin’ Me: L.A. Taxpayers

June 7, 2012 · Posted in you're killin me · 15 Comments 

Los Angeles, I know you guys must be pissed about your grocery bag ban, the Lakers losing, and the Clippers getting stomped, but don’t shit on Lil’ Justin Combs. Look, the Kings are in the NHL championship game, and you can always buy fashionable purses for your groceries. Don’t go all April 29, 1992 just because Justin received a $54,000 merit-based scholarship to attend UCLA. Justin is his own person, and he isn’t worth $500 million. Sure he can sell his Maybach to pay for school, but that’s not your problem. He earned that money. Why should he give it back? You’re killin’ me.

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